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Meet OmoKehinde Farms LTD

OmoKehinde Farms LTD was formed in 2021 by a group of dedicated investors from across the diaspora and on the continent of Africa, who shared the vision of bringing a holistic approach to farming, while also providing resources and services geared towards building various communities in Africa up from their current challenges. 

We changed the narrative from "What can We Do" to "How Much More Can We Do".


The Link Between Tradition & Modernity

The Humanity of Farming!

At OmoKehinde Farms LTD, we’re invested in building the future of farming, and we want to make life for both the farmers and our clients as easy and comfortable as possible.

We strive to ensure that our products are 100% Organic and GMO-Free, as well as grown by highly qualified farmers on the best locations of fertile soil.

From farm to table we promise nothing less than a high level experience from start to finish.   

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